Roulette Multiplayer Function

Unlimited number of players

One of the most appreciated AMATIC features is the possibility to connect the automated Roulette Grand Jeu with gaming cabinets. Players on the slot machines can participate live on the Roulette! So, when all seats are taken at the Grand Jeu table, operators can still offer their customers the chance to enjoy live Roulette on the slot machines. This benefit is available for operators who have both the AMATIC Grand Jeu electronic roulette and the AMATIC Performer or C24 gaming machines on their floor.

Grand Jeu 24HX and Upright Cabinets

Live Roulette for everyone

Connect Roulette Grand Jeu 24HX with AMATIC upright cabinets and increase the number of players.

Grand Jeu Double and Slant Top

Players unlimited

Connect Roulette Grand Jeu Double with Grand Arc Slant Tops and increase the number of players.

Solitaire and Satellite

A perfect match

Connect the AMATIC Solitaire single roulette with AMATIC Satellite Slant Top terminals.