CMS - Casino Management System

One system to manage all your issues

The AMATIC Casino Management System (CMS) is based on more than a decade of experience in connecting slot machines, revenue control and accounting of cash-handling employees. This entire, state-of-the-art casino management system includes clever features like Player Tracking or Cash Card and enables operators to link together all AMATIC solutions into their machine park. The system is able to manage “mini casinos” with only a bunch of machines even up to give a full service to large casinos with many hundreds of machines. If a business operates more casinos, it has the chance to control all individual units from one central server.

Control everything from one place

Thanks to the AMATIC CMS, operators have complete control on their floor management. From the beginning the system was developed to be able to control many arcades and casinos from a central place. The system is based on a client-server technology, fully modular and due to these the resources and accomplishment are easy to optimize. Cabinets, servers, cash desk- or card terminals can be easily added on demand. Worth to mention, that not only AMATIC machines can be connected, indeed products from different manufacturers can be easily linked together!

In its different versions and combinations, the AMATIC CMS is currently installed in more than 200 arcades and casinos world-wide, mostly designed to fulfil local requirements and expectations.

The AMATIC CMS can be combined with an AMATIC Jackpot solution too.

Features and Functions
  • Customer-based online accounting system
  • Connects gaming machines and gaming locations with central server
  • Revenue accounting and control
  • Web based business intelligence modules supporting management decisions
  • Real-time supervision (slots, casino reception, jackpot, high wins)
  • Cashless card and ticket also for promotional purposes
  • State of the art client–loyalty system
  • Prohibitions handling
  • Integrated jackpot solution including all handling and reports
  • Modular, etendable system - from "few machine" arcades to "1.000 machine"-casinos
  • Cash centre for ticket-pay-outs
  • Operation support with central server
Operator Benefits
  • Simplifies gambling operations
  • Increases productivity and efficiency
  • Allows real time monitoring and delivers valuable statistics
  • Eases book keeping process
  • Enhances communication with players
  • Prevents mistakes and ensures security
  • Fits perfectly with AMATIC hardware
  • Can be easily adopted to individual needs
  • Minimizes maintenance downtime
  • Reduces costs by bundling operations
  • Maximises operator revenue

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