X4000 WS

Attracts players

The AMATIC X4000 WS upright cabinet attracts players due to its two large wide-screen monitors.
With its modern and ergonomic design, the X4000 is an enrichment for any casino or gaming arcade. Two touchscreen monitors with minimal space between them provide great entertainment experience, while the excellent sound quality maximises the player`s fun.

Two separate doors allow easy access and service. The cabinet can be fitted with an additional topper.

The X4000 can be equipped with the successful AMATIC Multi Game configuration.

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MultiGame platform

Multi Game offers a huge variety of games in just one machine or device. Legendary table games such as Poker, Black Jack or Roulette as well as fantastic reel games like fruit- or themed slots. [more]

Features and benefits
  • Player friendly design
  • Large dual flat wide-screen monitors
  • Choice of game via touch screen or buttons
  • Multi language
  • Excellent sound system
  • Two separated doors for easy maintainance
  • Components to fit to your needs
  • Multi Game platform
  • Made in Austria