Satellite Slant Top Terminal

Place your bets, please!

The single monitor version of the Grand Arc Slant Top is the ideal complement for the AMATIC Solitaire & Satellite Roulette Multiplayer system. It`s the perfect solution for operators who look for an individually expandable and space-saving electronic roulette. All you need is an AMATIC Solitaire single roulette and a desired number of Slant Top satellites that can be easily connected to the system. Players can follow the live roulette on their own wide-screen monitor, place wagers directly at the satellite terminal and bet upon the roulette in real-time.

The Satellite Slant Top terminal can be equipped with the AMATIC Multi Game configuration too.

Multiplayer function

Connect Satellite Slant Top terminals with the AMATIC Solitaire single roulette! [more]

Features and benefits
  • 27" wide-screen monitor
  • Modern and ergonomic design
  • Player friendly control panel
  • Excellent sound quality
  • Multiplayer function - can be connected with the Solitaire Roulette wheel
  • Multi Game platform
  • Made in Austria