Player protection

When fun turns to addiction

Gambling is part of human nature. Most people find it entertaining and enjoy gambling. But there are also cases where the game becomes serious and turns into a passion that can no longer be controlled. For people who constantly invest more time and money than they can afford, gambling can become an addiction.

AMATIC Industries believes it has a duty to protect all those players from themselves who should not be playing at all and help those who want to reduce the amount of time they spend playing. We have therefore made it our task to help these people help themselves as much as we can.

Our safety package

"Responsible gaming for entertainment purposes" - that`s the vision of AMATIC Industries. AMATIC has taken the following measures in order to realize this vision:


Comprehensive information about protection for players and young people is available on the AMATIC website and in all slot machine arcades.

Personal Advice
  • Working together with well respected advice centres in Austria
  • Continuous training for managers and staff
  • Cooperation with scientific institutes in Austria, Germany and Switzerland
Preventive Measures
  • Raising awareness in our managers and staff to help them identify problem players early on
  • Psychological advice on prevention
  • Because player and minor protection is strictly dealt with at AMATIC, the admission to all Play & Win gambling arcades is not permitted under the age of 21 or 18 (regulated by law) and is controlled accordingly